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For so many of us, it does not take much to trigger a flood of memories of “those years”….sitting in class rooms, walking along Heroes Circle or Marescaux Road, playing sports or cheering on our House teams, sitting under the Lignum Vitae trees. Those memories undergird the strong linkages of shared experiences and a common heritage. In turn, we can acknowledge that heritage has bequeathed us with a solid foundation that continues to influence who we are and how we live our lives.


The Wolmerian DNA has many attributes of excellence punctuated with a deep service mindset.  Our school’s legacy of being the oldest in the Caribbean (1729) started with John Wolmer’s vision and heart to connect to something bigger than himself. This is who we are - we serve Wolmer’s because Wolmer’s served us well.  I am moved every time I think of the ripple effect John Wolmer’s investment to build our school had on me - don’t you?  We all have a pivotal story Wolmer’s played in our lives. 


We must band together to ensure Wolmer’s students today and tomorrow not only survive but thrive!  Protecting this vision requires that we all step up our actions, band together on initiatives to create a bridge for the future..  


Perhaps you define as a Wolmerian because you attended for a day, term, year (s) or have become a Wolmerian through association or, whether you live in Georgia or even much further afield, we invite you to join with us as we invest in our beloved Wolmer’s.  Be a part of something bigger than yourself.  Be a part of our school’s legacy.  We need you now more than ever.


Join us!…visit our website often - check our calendar of events for the year and stay connected.  Let us hear from you.  Ask questions and tell us what you want to see featured on this website.  Attend our gatherings - just like our assembly time did then, our gatherings bind us together.  You will laugh and enjoy being with your family.  Volunteer your time, talent and treasure - we have a lot to do and we plan to do it well…so that our maroon and gold flag may continue to fly proudly. Age Quod Agis!


​- Erica Samuels-Didier


Members and prospective members feel free to pay your dues here using "Buy Now". We also encourage our fellow Wolmerians to donate using the Donate button. 

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